Women £35 a month. £55 unlimited training.
Children age 3-8: £30
Boys Youth 9+ :£35
(girls over 9 would attend women’s class)

Milton Keynes

Men and Women: £27 a month. £46 Unlimited training.
Girls/Boys 9-16: £25 a month
Home Ed: £20 a month
Children 3-8: £20 a month


34 thoughts on “Prices

  1. Hi

    I would like to have single sessions of training for women only starting from this week. Fitness and Kickboxing.
    My availability is in the evning from 7pm . Fulham is fine. I do not know where else you do the training.

    I ‘m also interseting for the 2 weeks Bootcamp . If it is available from next week.


    • Hello, Thanks for your message, we have the following sessions running in the evenings at the moment in Fulham,
      Tuesday 6:30pm Muay Thai
      Tuesday 7:30pm Muay Thai sparring
      Thursday 6:30pm Cardio Killer circuit training
      Thursday 7:15pm Muay Thai and Kickboxing
      Please come along and try a free session. Also the next beginners course will be starting 6th September, on Thursdays at 8pm if that works better for you.
      The next bootcamp will also be September as boot camp runs once every 3 months!

  2. Im a student which means I will go back to university in october so im stuck between unlimited martial arts monthly and 8 week begginer course.
    Which one do you think would be better ? and also the 8 week begginer course does that inlude all that was mentioned or just one of those ie one of these :Trampolining,kickboxing MMA, Muay Thai,
    Beats of the Feet

    • Hello, how often are you looking to train? There is a course on this Tuesday @ 7:30pm in Fulham if that works for you? It’s 35 for the 4 week course

  3. Hello i am 16 years old and in full time education so would i qualify for youth/student costs? And if i took advantage of the monthly one offer or the 3 months upfront, going to the fuham lessons which one are open for me to go: Youth Boys Kickboxing (9+), Mens Thai Boxing conditioning, Mens Muay Thai, Mens MMA cardio killer, Mens MMA technique and sparring, Mens 8 week beginners Muay Thai Kickboxing Course, Mens 4 week Nunchuck Course, Mens 8 week beginners MMA Course. Could i do all of them on one offer?

    • Hi there, regarding your query the answer is yes you can take student price, you can do all martial arts sessions with the exception of courses, beginners and nunchucks. For more information please contact Safari on 07880550011 or send a txt message. Thank you.

  4. Hi there,
    I’d be interested in taking up the scheduled women-only courses in Islington, starting soon. Could I sign up to the one year upfront membership for students and take part in all of them or do I need to decide for one course in advance e.g. just Muay Thai or just MMA? Could I have a contact number to arrange a trial session, please? I’m usually free after 6pm.
    Thank you.

  5. Hi,

    Just a quick question about the membership fees.

    I want to do cardio/fat burning workouts only and whatever location you have therm on. This would need to be evenings and weekends only.

    Does that mean I still have to pay £90 a month if I am only benefiting from a few sessions a week?


    • Have a look at the time table and decide which classes are suitable for you and then text 07880550011 to discuss your payment options.

    • Hi Iman,
      Have a look at the two timetables and locations and decide which sessions are feasible for you, if you attend both locations, its £90 per month, if you drop to just Fulham it is £55 per month or just south harrow it is £40 per month. or even just £10 per session for which ever location. send a text to 07880550011 for more questions and info.

    • Hi Johny,

      Come along for a free trial session, just with something comfortable to wear, we can lend you equipment for your first session. Then if you choose to continue we can provide you with all equipment needed and point you in the right direction for what’s most important to buy first.

  6. Hi.

    I would like to begin the Muay Thai 8 week Womens course which starts next week and the Boxercise 4 week course. I know the Muay Thai is every Tuesday. What day in the week does boxercise fall on and when does it start?

    • Hi Petra,

      Thanks for your message. The best thing is to text us to check the availability on current courses and then we can book you on from there.
      Text on 07880 550011
      Many Thanks

  7. Hi I am based in ISLINGTON. Do you do women only Muay Thai classes and what ware the price packages. I have never done this before and was wondering if there are free trials available.


    • Hi Muni thanks for your message. We have some courses running at the moment if you would like any more information on the courses we have please give us a text on 07880 55 00 11. Thanks Team Safari

    • waleikum salam, we have striclty womens only classes. Give the booking team a text on 07880 550011, they can advise you! thanks team safari.

  8. Salaams,
    I just wanted to know what the prices for 2 people would be for the women’s class in Manor Park? And also when would we be able to start- would we have to wait for the next term for beginners?


  9. Hi,
    I’m interested in joining kickboxing/ muay thai classes in manor park. When are the earliest sessions starting?


  10. Hello,

    I live in Earl’s Court and am looking to attend kickboxing/mma classes 5 times a week. What locations and times would classes be running?

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Lode, thanks for your message. Give us a text on 07880550011 and the booking team can update you on what we have running at the moment. Thanks Team Safari.

    • If you want to come and try out one of our sessions for £8 your more than welcome to! After this I is £35 a month, we don’t have a pay as you go price plan, give the booking team a text on 07880550011 and they will give you all the locations available for booking!

  11. Hello,

    I am a Muslim woman who is interested in attending class in Milton Keynes. Is there a trial day where I will be shown around? Also, i have no experience in MMA, is that okay?

    Thanks, Naima

    • hiya Naima, thank you for contacting us.
      In Miltton Keynes we do classes in:
      -Wolverton (Tue 7pm)
      -Milton Keynes (Thurs 7pm)
      We are currently doing a BRILLIANT OFFER for just JANUARY!
      ONLY £21 pounds (40% OFF USUALLY £35) for the best beginners 4 week course of your life.
      However, this is just for women ONLY.
      Dont worry about not having any experience the course is for everyone experience or not!
      If you would wish to come to a free trial then please contact us on: 07880 550011

      Kind regards
      K safari

  12. Hello, I’am interested in joining the women classes I live in West London and was wondering is the best location to do the training?
    And what courses do you do?

    Kindest regards,

    • Hiya,
      We are currently doing our classes in:


      -Stoke newingdon (monday 8th jan)
      -Nadi park royal (tuesday 9th jan)
      -Ilford (wednesday 10th jan)
      -Manor park (Thursday 4th jan)
      -Forringdon SOLD OUT
      -Fulham (sunday 7th jan)

      We are currently doing a BRILLIANT OFFER for just JANUARY!
      ONLY £21 pounds (40% OFF USUALLY £35) for the best beginners 4 week course of your life.

      Don’t worry about having no experience, the classes are for all abilities.

      For booking confirmation please text: 07880 550011
      with your full name and your chosen location.

      Kind regards
      K safari

  13. Hi I’m really interested in joining the Acton club. I wish to purchase the £55 unlimited training package. Would I be able to get a student discount as I’m currently a full time student?

    • Hiya, that’s brilliant! To book you would need to contact 07880 550011 with your full name and the locations you wish to attend if it’s more than one. Unfortunately, we don’t do any student discounts when it comes to the four week courses.

      Kind regards
      Rianna. Team safari

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