Real life journey’s

Hear what our students have to say!  These are their stories, as to what training with Safari has really been like.

For those who are already Safari members, please feel free to leave comments about your experience, including your reasons for training, what you’ve achieved and what you like and dislike about the sessions!

23 thoughts on “Real life journey’s

  1. Safari martial arts centre is by far the best place to train in London! My love for Muay Thai kixkboxing and MMA only became more intense when I joined Safari Kickboxing. Khadijah Safari’s strictly ladies only classes are full on and push me to limites that I never thought I was able to reach. Classes are chilled and teaching is quality. I look forward to further grading with Safari and getting my black belt through them!

  2. I’ve always had a thing for martial arts, and because I lived in the UAE it was easy to find female only environments. When I came to London I couldn’t find anywhere suitable! Then I heard of Safari kickboxing and even though it’s more than an hour away from my house I’m really happy to go there weekly, I’m always impatient to see Thursday night come! Khadidja is a very patient instructor with a great sense of humour and she makes everyone feel comfortable regardless of their level. I’ve seen girls lose half their weight thanks to training, it’s really intense but HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!!!

  3. It was my 2012 resolution to take up martial arts – and take it seriously.I spent a long time looking for the perfect place.I’ve been to many soulless gyms & over-priced sessions but I really wanted a place that was close & friendly & FUN & kept me interested. Khadijah’s classes are exactly that – fantastic instructor, everyone is cool (I’ve met some v interesting ladies there) and it makes cardio fun!Highly addictive fun! I love it.

  4. Safari Muay Thai & Khadijah have changed my life drastically as well as giving me structure as an individual by helping me recognise my body’s potential physically & mentally.
    …just over 2 years ago I was a very unhealthy weighing 80kg’s , dress size 18 suffering from depression (for regular Safari members who don’t believe me.. I have photographic proof!!!) and was looking for motivation to become fitter, lose , maintain the weight , grow in confidence and most of all accomplish something for myself.
    At that time I didn’t have the nerves to join a martial art’s club where everyone would be fly kicking and jab-crossing like Rocky so I tried joining a regular gym…it didn’t help.. I ended up walking around checking out the machines for a few mins before leaving,, I found it too difficult motivating myself at regular gym.
    A few weeks later, I started searching on google and I came across a beginner’s course – Ladies Muay Thai ….seeing that I had always wanted to learn martial arts I thought it’s now or never,. I turned up at the Dojo apprehensive, watching these women in awe as they trained and just over an hour later I came out sweating the fat I’d be storing for years with a sense of knowing I’m heading in the direction of something valuable to my life.
    2 Years on ..down to a dress size 12/10… a constant smile on my face and the love for Muay Thai,. I have learnt skills which have become an integral part of me, I have made friends and great sparring partners as well as banishing my worries, I love the art of Muay Thai and most of an instructor (Khadijah) who inspires and pushes us to our limits, so we can strengthen that we are weak in…

  5. I’ve always admired the skill and technique in MMA and never doubted for a second that it is almost guaranteed to be the best work out available, I had just found it difficult to find somewhere to train that would meet my requirements in providing a male only environment with a respectable instructor. I have DEFINATELY found it at Safari MMA, and Karim Safari is so motivating and gets straight to the point with how to use successful moves that actually work, not just the stuff you see on YouTube! I have never left a session without feeling like I really worked out, and the next day I can always feel the results kicking in! Highly recommended, especially to any brothers looking to keep fit!! Thanks Safari MMA!

  6. I started learning kickboxing 8 years ago and 2 years ago, our instructor left. I started looking for a new gym to continue my training and have come across some pretty appalling places, from unfriendly to outright dangerous. I considered giving up but really didn’t want to, then discovered Safari. I have been doing personal training with Khadijah since September last year and I have never ever been this fit! Quite a big statement for me as I am a bit of a fitness freak, I became one after losing 4 stones 10 years ago. Yes, sometimes, during the session, my whole body is in agony and I don’t think I can carry on (like this morning!), but I really think it’s important to push yourself, that’s when you realise how much you’re actually able to do. And that transfers to the rest of my life, martial arts give me such a confidence boost! Our sessions are tough but a lot of fun too, Khadijah is lovely – although she sometimes likes to inflict pain, but I guess that’s part of the requirements :) So thank you very much Khadijah!

  7. I am a busy man who has no time for sport generally but then my friends Mohammed & Dholal Rashid found Safari and said it is brilliant and asked me to come for a free session. The rest is history, Karim ( The instructor) is very, very good and makes sure everybody is involved and everybody has goodtime while learining tecknical moves and counter moves.
    In short, this is the best MMA you can find in the whole of London. I think I am signed for life Now.

  8. Ever since i was a teenager I dreamt of learning some type of Martial arts and self defence. This was triggered at the age of sixteen when I was beaten quite horrifically by two older girls on my way home from school, at that point I had never been involved in any fights therefore I was clueless on how to defend myself.

    Ever since that day I have made a promise to myself that I will learn self defence and martial arts. After years of researching clubs that would suite my needs I had no luck in finding somewhere I could train. I did somehow find a couple of places but quit after two or three days which even meant losing my membership.

    In september 2011 i was browsing through the internet searching for “ladies only kickboxing in london” i came across Safari martial arts centre, read Khadijah Safari’s autobiography… went in for a taster session and the rest is history.

    Who would of thought that after a year’s training 3 times a week I would qualify as an instructor? YES! I am proud to say that I am now part of the Safari team. I am still Khadijah Safari’s student Alhamdulilah, not only is she the best trainer i have come across but an individual with a big heart who inspires and pushes her students to achieve beyond their limits.

    I cant express how much I LOVE training at Safari martial arts centre in Fulham. It has literally changed my life around, not only have I reached my ideal body weight I am much fitter, healthier and leaner not to mention I have become much more confident then I have ever been.

    No more yo-yo dieting no more gym memberships!!! At Safari not only do we learn the arts of Martial Arts but also self defence, cardio, strength training which helps us tone and keep fit! To be honest I can write a whole novel about how great Safari is so if you’re not already a member why not come in for a free taster session near you and see for yourself…. :)

  9. I am a busy lass with no time to sleep let alone sport generally (and it doesn’t help if you’re lazy too) but then my sister demanded she joins some form of MA classes and wouldn’t go solo. I had a look around and everything just looked either too impersonal or scary. Being a complete beginner I didn’t want to turn up and make a fool of myself.

    A friend told me about Muay Thai classes at Safari she had seen and heard of so I took the plunge and signed up for the beginners course. Haven’t regretted it for a second. The beginners course is finished and now I’m moving onto general classes… I’m in it for the long run I think.

    Jihan is a brilliant instructor and everyone in the class is just as excited and enthusiastic about sweating and being in pain as I am… I actually am!

    You don’t realise how much you learn in such a short period of time but you can see the and feel the difference in yourself (physically) the techniques of the moves you perform and as a extra added bonus this is great at boosting your self esteem and confidence.

    I would (and have) recommended this to everyone I know and meet.

  10. I have now been training with Safari MMA for almost one year, and I’m totally hooked! I never had an interest in Martial Arts, I actually signed up because my friend convinced me to, and I wanted to loose weight. Little did I know that it would become my weekly treat, I look forward to it each week, have seen major improvements in all aspects of my life, from weight loss to a more calm and focused state of mind. I highly recommend it to all women wanting to get fit and the instructors have all been amazing. I’ve been going to the Fulham branch. It’s the best experience I’ve ever had and I will never look back, black belt here I come!

  11. After about three years of doing no exercise or training of any sort I am so happy to have found Safari Kick Boxing. Two classes in and im already feeling amazing and am excited about my future with Safari. Since I was 16 I have been crazy about gym and working out and did a few months of kick boxing when I was 19 as well, but marraige and kids amongst other things have always made me stop n start, but this time it had been way too long.
    Classes are a real confidence boost thanks to Christia, who is a great trainer and pushes us to do the best we can as well as making the class fun.
    I really do want to go far with kickboxing and my training and I think I have found the best place to do it!
    Thank you Safari, excited about my looooong journey with you

    • thanks for the brilliant feedback Shmaila, we are glad your enjoying your training with us. Look forward to progressing even more! :)

  12. What can I say luv the class luv the instructer mashallah they really push u to ur ur potential . They have really helped me master the moves and do them properly I was a complete novice when I started. Thanks may Allah swt reward u and the team.

  13. A great way to take your mind off of daily stress. It’s a great workout both for fitness and toning up. All the cardio really improved my stamina. The community is also very supportive!

  14. I’ve been going to safari kick boxing for about 3 months now, I’ve managed to achieve a white belt! Everyweek is something new and I love how Christia our instructor pushes us past our limits. Each class is a step forward in my technique, fitness and stamina. Also it’s a break from studying for my gcses, a good hour of heavy sweating and breathing has been doing wonders for me, physically and mentally. A big jazakulakhair to Khadija and Christia for everything! X

    • Thank You for your amazing feedback Ayesha! we will pass it on to Christia to let her know she is doing great at teaching you ladies!

  15. The Safari MMA classes provide the best workout anyone should seek when wanting to be in a better shape, to have a better cardio and to feel more powerful both physically and psychologically. The instructor Christia is really good at identifying our strengths and weaknesses and knows how to guide us towards a better achievement of our capabilities. Whether beginner or intermediate, she spends a fair amount of time with everyone, motivating us, making us want to surpass ourselves, always in a joyful and friendly atmosphere. So thank you Christia for your amazing work with us and thank you Khadijah for providing us with such amazing ladies only classes in all different locations in London! Xx

  16. I’ve been training with Christia for about a month and if I was to use one word to describe her I’d say AMAZING. If I was to expand further I might say she’s a little crazy quite extreme and absolutely determined to work me within an inch of my life! Like I mentioned I started working out with her over a month ago with a few breaks in between but my body shape has changed already. My arms are more defined and my waist has started to regain its shape I’ve still got a long way to go but working with Christia I’m sure I’ll get there!

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