We offer everything health related, in happy, comfortable environments.  Our services include:

Beginners courses in Muay Thai and kickboxing
General and advanaced martial arts and fitness classes
Self defence seminars
Healthy lifestyle change programme
Massage and therapy

Energy Kidz Ages
Ages 3 – 7 get to burn off excess energy, while developing excellent balance, coordination, fitness level and discipline.

Muay Thai Kickboxing 
Focusing on core strength, building fitness level, weight loss and technique to achieve first belt grading, white belt. Muay Thai was later configured and softened to become the family sport of kickboxing. With Muay Thai you also have the opportunity to use lowkicks below the knee and powerful knee and elbow strikes. An excellent form of self defense and a major calorie burner.

MMA (mixed martial arts) 
Turn body fat to muscle mass and really learn what happens inside the cage, learning important locks, take downs, deep muscle conditioning and unbeatable combat skills. Learn and combine Brazilian Juijitsu, Muay Thai, wrestling and grappling all in one. Expect to break a sweat!

Learn the ancient art of Nunchucks, practise fast paced moves, swift turns and accurate attacks using this weapon. This is only allowed for use in practise as an art and cannot be carried or used as a weapon of self defense.

Get the opportunity to learn the skill of archery, otherwise known as bow and arrow. Improve and go on to competition level.  This sport is Sunnah and recommended to learn and to continue to practise once started.

Cardio Killer Circuit
Exactly as the title describes! We’d be giving away our secrets if we told you exactly what happens in this session, but we can guarantee you one thing, an all over body workout, no matter your fitness level you can achieve new limits, aim for new goals, and burn more calories than you could imagine.

Mature Fitness
These sessions are designed for less experienced people, with little of maybe no experience in exercising. Allowing every one to train at their own pace, focusing on strengthening, toning and improving fitness levels. All ages welcome, there is no limit.

Very popular for people looking to improve upper body strength and coordination, also a great way to focus on upper body attacks and manouvres.

Massage and Therapies
A holistic healing approach for mind and body, by our fully qualified therapist in Milton Keynes.

10 thoughts on “Classes

  1. Hello,

    I am looking at trying out kickboxing and would like to know if you have any information regarding timetables as I finish work at 6pm.

    As a complete beginner, is there a specific beginners class that I can try out?

    Kind regards

    Laura Farmer

    • Hello Laura, Thanks for your message, we have the following sessions running in the evenings at the moment in Fulham,
      Tuesday 6:30pm Muay Thai
      Tuesday 7:30pm Muay Thai sparring
      Thursday 6:30pm Cardio Killer circuit training
      Thursday 7:15pm Muay Thai and Kickboxing
      Please come along and try a free session. Also the next beginners course will be starting 6th September, on Thursdays at 8pm,

      many Thanks,

    • Hi Marwa,

      There is a summer course starting on Tuesday 24th July at 7:30pm in Fulham, it’s a 4 week beginners course in Thai Kickboxing and costs £35. You do need to book a place if interested.

  2. When and where will Archery be available. Also if you don’t mind including a rough estimation of how much it’ll cost us. Much appreciated :)

  3. I’m a 14 year old boy, and I wanted if there are any MMA/Boxing Courses I could take in Manor Park. If so what are the times and the price.

    • Hi Amanda, thanks for your message.

      Safari MMA Stoke Newington
      London Aikido
      Stoke Newington
      60a Windus Road
      N16 6UP
      Time: Monday 6.30-7.30pm
      And it is £35 a month to attend one location for a 4 week course.

    • Hi Amanda,thanks for your message.

      Safari MMA Stoke Newington
      London Aikido
      Stoke Newington
      60a Windus Road
      N16 6UP
      Time: Monday 6.30-7.30pm
      For a 4 week class to attend to stoke newington (one location) it would be £35.
      If you wanted to train at more than one location during your 4 week course than that would be £55.
      To book or for more enquiries please call or text 07880 550011.
      Kind regards, rianna

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