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We offer everything health related, in happy, comfortable environments.  Our services include:

Self Defence Workshops
Our instructors are able to come to you, to offer a 2 hour workshop.  Perfect for events and community funded projects.

Thai Tots
18 months – 4 a fantastic way to encourage children in balance, coordination, listening skills and understanding from an early age.  These classes are fun at the same time as including structured learning.  Parents are able to join in to assist their toddlers.

Energy Kidz Ages
Ages 3 – 7 get to burn off excess energy, while developing excellent balance, coordination, fitness level and discipline.

Youth & Adult Muay Thai Kickboxing 
Focusing on core strength, building fitness level, weight loss and technique to achieve first belt grading, white belt. Muay Thai was later configured and softened to become the family sport of kickboxing. With Muay Thai you also have the opportunity to use lowkicks below the knee and powerful knee and elbow strikes. An excellent form of self defense and a major calorie burner.

Learn the ancient art of Nunchucks, practise fast paced moves, swift turns and accurate attacks using this weapon. This is only allowed for use in practise as an art and cannot be carried or used as a weapon of self defense.