Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Muay Thai, Thai Boxing The art of eight limbs, the most explosive martial art around, by effectiveness and sheer intensity with regards to the fitness levels achieved.  These classes are packed full of technique, strategy, precision and the ability to break your own limits with your goals for fitness level.  A complete all over body workout, with effective self defense, guaranteed addiction.  The opportunity also for all students to grade and work towards their black belt, as well as compete at all levels.
Cardio Killer Exactly as the title describes! We’d be giving away our secrets if we told you exactly what happens in this session, but we can guarantee you one thing, an all over body workout, no matter your fitness level you can achieve new limits, aim for new goals, and burn more calories than you could imagine.
Workshops/Seminars Khadijah Safari and Karim Safari both offer and teach brilliant self defence Workshops/Seminars to everyone who’s interested in defending themselves when they feel they are in danger! The whole point of the Workshops/Seminars is to be able to have a clear understanding of what self defence is; why you need self defence and definitely knowing how to use self defence if you needed to incorporate it in time of need. If you are a club; group; academy or even an individual that would like Khadijah or Karim Safari to come and teach self- defence then please email us:
Stretch and Tone Change the way you feel about yourself with this tailor made stretch and tone class, where you will be transforming your body, getting healthier and fitter to enjoy your life day by day.  The class will suit the Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced fitness levels as we will be working through different levels of intensity, complexity and impact during the class.  It also caters ideally for all ages including mature ladies.  Working with mind and body to give an overall positive effect in all areas of your life.
MMA Turn body fat to muscle mass and really learn what happens inside the cage, learning important locks, take downs, deep muscle conditioning and unbeatable combat skills. Learn and combine Juijitsu, Muay Thai, wrestling and grappling all in one. Expect to break a sweat with our developed system, gaining in depth knowledge on how NOT to be taken down!
Energy Kidz Kickboxing Want to help the little ones burn off excess energy?  Improve all round fitness, focus and strength, whilst developing excellent balance, coordination and discipline.  All children have the opportunity to grade and achieve their belts and certificates, with the chance to go on to qualify to become a licensed instructor in the future.

13 thoughts on “Class Descriptions

  1. Hi. I would like to try out a class at ladbrook grove on thursday. What is the full address and how much would classes/membership cost? Thanks

  2. HI

    I am interested in the womens muay thai/kick boxing and killer cardio at your harrow branch. Do you have any upcoming beginner/introductory sessions?


  3. Hi I’m looking to start a ladies beginners class in Fulham, what would you suggest? I saw there was a 4 week program starting in July for £35 but wasn’t sure if that was an old post.

    Would love some more info and suggestions.

    • 6 week beginners course in Muay Thai kickboxing. Buy one, second half price

      Date: Tuesday 12th August 2014
      Time: 8pm
      Place: Safari MMA, Fulham SW6
      Price: £50 for 1person, £75 for 2people.

      MUST PRE BOOK, text 07880550011 to book.

  4. Hi, I am really interested in the muay Thai kickboxing but I was wondering whether you do female only classes, the price and location.

    Thank you.

  5. Aslmkm brother/sister. Could you please advise if there is a beginners Muay Thai course due to start anytime soon in Milton Keynes and if not whether I can join mid way through a course? Please also confirm costs. JKK. Wkslm

    • Wa alaikium Salam,

      Yes of course, there are 2 new courses starting the week after next,

      Women’s beginners kickboxing course Thursday 17th @ 8pm
      Men’s beginner kickboxing course Tuesday 15th @ 8pm

      If you can please text us we can keep you updated and reserve you a place

  6. Hi there,

    Could you please advise if you do early morning sessions in Fulham? If not, could you please list the evening sessions in Fulham for mens Muay Thai? Thanks

  7. unfortunately we no longer run classes in kensington however we do have mens classes on north end road which is 10 minutes away. send a text to find out more info.

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