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Who we are

Who we are

Welcome to the Safari MMA,

Whether you are new to martial arts or more experienced, we have something for you. All of our sessions are offered in fully segregated training area’s, so women train with women, and men train with men, NO EXCEPTIONS!

We pride ourselves in bringing unity to martial arts, bringing a platform where everyone is equal, regardless or background, culture and status.

We teach Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts, Thai Box & Burn, Thai Tots, self defence, kickboxing, mature fitness and Cardio Killer sessions to all ages, from 2+ and there really is no limit on age.

We run regular classes as well as being available for bookings for seminars, workshops, courses and public speaking.

If you are new to martial arts – a great way to start is with our one day pass, so you can come along to try for yourself.  To give it a go either get in touch and Contact us, or Join Us now and sign up for a day pass.