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in the press

Here are some features and articles based on Safari Mixed Martial Arts:

Vice – Teaching Muslim women to defend themselves

BBC Radio Asian (audio) Should women’s boxing be allowed in the Olympics?
BBC Radio Scotland (audio) Is there a problem combining Faith and Sport?
Channel 4 (video) Faith & Sport – What role does faith play in sport?
Fifteen 21 Magazine (article) Muslim Role Models
Emel Lifestyle Magazine (article) A Week in the life of Khadijah Safari
Men’s Health (article) Fight Fat Club by Karim Safari
Jenni Crane (video & Article) Jenni’s 8 week kickboxing challenge

Sports Sister Magazine (article) Nomination for UK Coach of the year Khadijah Safari
Muslim Women in Sport (article) Khadijah Safari Black Belt 3rd Dan
The Chronicle Newspaper (article) Kickboxing couple warn of rising fear of street violence
MCB Leadership Dinner (video) Khadijah Safari celebrating muslim contribution to sport

Sporting Sisters Olympics 2012 (video) Stories of Muslim Women in Sport with Khadijah Safari

Press TV (video) Khadijah Safari my journey to Islam

MWSF Ambassador Awards (article) Khadijah Safari UK Coach of the Year
MWSF Ambassador Awards (photos) Safari Strictly Ladies performing and Khadijah Safari
Muslimness (artice) Khadijah Safari, Professional Kickboxing for Faith, Women and community
Duniya Photo’s (article) The Hijab project
Women of the World Festival (video) Winkball interview at the WoW Conference
Kamp Sports Film (video) Khadijah Safari wins UK Coach of the year at MWSF Ambassador Awards

The Muslim Weekly (article) Strictly for the ladies and self defence
WherEvent (article) Safari Strictly Ladies Fight 4 Syria – FIGHT NIGHT EVENT
South West Six SW6 Magazine (article) Getting in the fighting spirit
Active Sisters (article) Muay Thai is a sport that anyone can learn!
Kick it out (article) Ambassador Awards Khadijah Safari shortlisted