Men’s only MMA, Fulham, London

Keen to have a go at MMA? It’s the ultimate way to get ultra lean and fit, whilst getting to grips with the locks and submissions needed to win an MMA fight, not to meantime, the best self defense. Combining wrestling, Muay Thai, Jujitsu and grappling, let Karim Safari lead you through the moves. Come along for a free trial first. Contact Us to book your place!

Ladies indoor Boot Camp is back!

There’s nothing more important in London than relieving built up stress, and what better way to achieve this than with an instense 2 week morning boot camp. Safari Strictly Ladies Fajr bootcamp starts Monday 1st October 6:00am – 6.45am every week day for 2 weeks (yes that’s right, we give you the weekend to recover). It’s the best way to guarantee fast results, and it’s the clients asking us to run this so often, we’re doing it for them!

Ladies Muay Thai 8 week beginners course, Fulham

A new 8 week beginners course launches tomorrow (Friday 28th @ 7pm), giving the opportunity for women from all backgrounds and cultures to come together and participate in a high impact workout, helping to tone, strengthen and speed up weight loss. The course is £60 and needs to be booked as places are limited. Please text 07880 550011 to reserve your place as there are currently 2 places left!

womens kickboxing and Muay Thai