As novel coronavirus (COVID-19) diagnoses continue to increase around the world, Safari MMA is committed to providing a safe environment for our employees and ensuring business continuity, to the best of our abilities, in service to you, our customers and partners.

We are aware that COVID-19 will impact many of our members negatively, and whether it’s emotional, physical or financial assistance that’s needed to help you to continue training, please be sure to get in touch so that we can try to help.

What is Safari MMA doing to minimise the risk of the spread of COVID-19?

  • We have cancelled all classes in line with government guidelines
  • We will not look to re-open until the government gives us the all clear
  • Our office team are all working remotely if at all

What is our plan for continuity of sessions?

When we are able to open our locations again the following ‘in class’ measures safety requirements will apply:

  • A hand cleaning station where all persons entering the class area will clean their hands.
  • A requirement that the temperature of all persons entering be tested via a forehead thermometer – persons outside of the temperature range will not be able to enter.
  • A ‘single user’ rule for all equipment i.e. focus pads, gloves etc may only be used by the one person in any class – all equipment will be appropriately cleaned after usage.
  • When so permitted, by Government regulation, partner training can occur. Under this Policy a training partner must remain as the same person for the duration of the class (i.e. no changing training partners).
  • Spectators to our martial arts class are not allowed.
  • Where possible classes will have a clearly sign posted separate entry and exit area.
  • When conducting back to back classes, once classes are finished there will be no entry from those attending the next class until all those in previous class have left.
  • Instructors will ensure that the following items form part of my ‘safety supplies’:
    • hand sanitisers, disinfectant mops, microfibre cloths, gloves – rated safe, paper towels.
  • Instructors will ensure that cleaning and sanitising will occur before and after class and, where required during class – particular attention to be paid to bathrooms and entry doors.
  • Instructors will ensure that any chairs in the training area are spaced a minimum of 2 metres apart.
  • Parents dropping their children to class will not be permitted to stay in the class, if they need to stay they must wait outside.
  • All instructors will hold a COVID Safe Martial Arts Instructor Certification

What we will do if a case comes to Safari MMA?

For the safety of our members and staff, if a case was to come to a Safari MMA class we would inform all members, and anyone who attended the same class or came in to close contact with the person will be asked to stay home for a minimum of 2 weeks to monitor their condition and to seek medical attention if unwell. In the meantime, we will run full disinfecting at both locations and of all equipment, and any replaceable equipment will be replaced.  If the instructor of a class becomes unwell then we have a replacement instructor ready to continue the classes as normal.  If one location is closed we will offer members the option to train at another location if available.

Given the current situation what will happen if a member needs to freeze their account?

Our membership freezing terms and conditions remain unchanged and members may still put their membership on hold. The usual nominal fee applies. You may speak to any of office team or email our Customer Service Centre at  for further assistance.

Can I still train as normal?

At the moment physical classes are not running, however we do have online sessions available during this period to keep people active and learning.

We wish you all good health, and do not hesitate to contact us with us with any questions