Safari Terms & Conditions

  1. Only Safari merchandise will be worn in Safari classes,  you may not bring in any products from outside or any other brand. This is for safety of yourself and fellow students.
  2. Once you have completed a beginners course and you enter general class you MUST purchase Safari ankle supports and hand wraps for safety.
  3. Payment must be made before the class starts, you cannot owe any money for training.
  4. Please arrive 10 minutes before your lesson to make sure that you are ready to start on time.  If you arrive late please understand that you may need to wait until an instructor can let you in, do not continuously bang on the door, please be patient.
  5. No jewellery to be worn at any time during training.  If you have an item which cannot be removed then it must be covered with a secured plaster which you need to bring with you.
  6. Do not speak whilst your instructor is speaking, as instructions are important for safety.
  7. Please always be respectful to fellow students and instructors.  We will not tolerate any foul language or aggressive behaviour.
  8. After one month of training in general class if you chose to continue you will be required to wear full Safari uniform.
  9. Safari MMA license must be purchased 3 months after training, whether or not you chose to grade.  Otherwise you will not be able to be taught past a beginners stage. 
  10. Product orders will be made for you once you have paid a 50% deposit.  The remainder is due, before collecting the item, no money will be owed.
  11. Refunds will not be given for missed training, neither can payment dates be changed, or sessions carried over.
  12. Deposits paid for new courses are refundable up to 48 hours before the course starts.  Once a course has started refunds cannot be given, this place was held for you and would have been offered to someone else
  13. All membership payments are due by the 1st of each month, places cannot be held for those who pay late.  Your place may be given to someone else if you fail to pay on time.
  14. Personal belongings are your own responsibility and we cannot be held responsible for any items which you may lose or that go missing.
  15.  Grading may take place at the location you are training in, no more than 4 times a year. You are welcome to spectate at these events, or train at a different location that week, however these sessions cannot be carried over or refunded if you are not participating in grading.
  16. Safari have a Direct Debit system in place, after beginners course students are required to sign up to our direct debit system. Failure to set up a direct debit will incur extra charges added to your monthly fee.


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