If you’re a woman who has struggled to find a comfortable group to train with to learn a new sport and take care of your health, then this is for you!
We are proud to announce that we are joining force with Muslim Sports Foundation to bring you the opportunity to join a women’s training platform which specifically takes in to consideration the values of faith, so that you can work out comfortably without having to compromise who are you.

We are giving away;

*16 FREE places for women aged 16+ in the London area
Live Online Women’s Beginners Kickboxing & Yoga sessions – 4 week course
*Must be based aged 16+ and based in the London area, UK.

You have the option to choice from Kickboxing or Yoga, you’re also welcome to join both, they compliment each other so well.
These places will go fast, so if you answer yes to at least 2 of the following questions then you are eligible for a FREE place;

• Would you feel more comfortable training in a female only environment?
• Are you keen to be part of a supportive group of women, that start as beginners at the same time?
• Could you train 1 – 2 a week for 4 weeks from the comfort of your own home?
• Has 2020 been tough for you and you’re looking to make a lifestyle change?

If you answer yes to at least 2 of these questions then this is the perfect course for you, as you will be in a regular group of like minded women, all taking that first step to try something new to improve their over all health and well-being. As this course is live and online, with a fantastic female instructor, you can even have your camera switched off until you feel comfortable enough for others to see you.

And what more? If you find that you really enjoy the course then the option to continue and train in person with your same group is there for you, and if you’re not ready for that step, sessions will continue online!

There are only 16 spaces available and these will go to those first to sign up

Course Booking Information

Course Starts: Saturday 30th January
Kickboxing: Saturday’s 10am, Yoga Monday’s 7pm
Duration: 4 weeks beginners course (with option to continue)
Classes: Bi-Weekly for 40 minutes per class
Location: Live online training

To book you can either contact us for more information or you can book directly through the link here.

Safari MMA
07880 550011 Call/Text/WhatsApp