Time to put your study and hard work to the test, grading for girls/ladies all belts, this Saturday 23rd @ 11:30am
You MUST have/do the following to be entered to grade:

- arrive on time 

- have either your license application form or license

- have the correct fees or already have paid

- be wearing safety protection, hand wraps & ankle supports

- for red belts and above, be wearing full uniform

- have already memorised your technical routine

- have the correct safety equipment if you’re required to spar.
For a copy of the syllabus, please contact your instructor.
London 07880 550011

  MK 07412 993535



We are looking for motivated and reliable people to do flyer distribution in Milton Keynes, door to door distributing as well as at events.

We run Safari MMA Fitness MK, and are promoting healthy lifestyle and fitness.  We specialise in Muay Thai, MMA and fitness and offer male only and female only sessions and personal training.

It would be a temporary position, but with good results then we may look at extending it to a more permanent place.

Pay would be an hourly rate, with extra bonuses based on results.  You’d also have free unlimited membership to our sessions whilst working for us.

We are not interested in your CV, we’d like you to answer the 3 following questions:

1:  Explain something interesting about yourself and your interests.

2: Why should we trust you not to just leave all of our flyers in a bush somewhere?

3: If you were giving out flyers offering a free session, what would you say to the person you was giving it to, and how would you approach them?


Please email your answers and contact details to: