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Meet the team

With our personal training, you will be able to reach your goals faster.  Personal training sessions can be booked in blocks of five, ten or twenty and start at £35 per hour. Group private sessions are also available.

Our male and female instructors teach either men only or women only, and can be flexible to work with your lifestyle and schedule.

Our trainers

Master Abdul Karim Safari
With many titles and belts under his name, including European and World Champion, Master Karim has featured in extensive TV shows and magazines, and guarantees one thing to all of his students… EXTREME WORKOUT! With the use of excellent technique and drills, there is no doubt that you get more than your money’s worth with his sessions and aching muscles will only inspire you to come back for more. See what the ‘press’ say
Personal Training £19 – £75

Khadijah Safari
Khadijah Safari’s is currently UK Coach of the Year, has been featured on many TV shows, magazines and newspapers world wide and is has launched her own Safari Fightwear fighting range.  Her sessions are intense and if there isn’t sweat on the mirrors before her sessions are complete then her students are not going home!  Whether you are looking to burn calories, loose weight and tone up, or learn an unbeatable martial art with excellent self defense benefits, then her sessions are for you! See her recent magazine and TV appearances
Personal Training £19 – £75


Christia Kyprianou
Christia is one of Safari’s most dedicated and loved instructors.  Respected for her desire to never settle for less, she is the perfect inspiration for students, whether they have goals to achieve personal fitness levels or whether they’d like to go on to fight.  She has been with Safari from the beginning of her training career.  She has a 100% win fighting record and knows how to help students achieve their ultimate goals in the fastest time.  Whether it’s classes or personal training, Christia is the one to lead you on your way.  See what the ‘press’ say
Personal Training £19 – £60