Safari MMA in Milton Keynes

We are pleased to announce that we have now expanded and are offering classes, courses and personal training in Milton Keynes.  New beginners courses launch from the 10th of March, and with places already going fast we are planning more locations.

We launched a Facebook voucher for £20 off, which is still running.  Just share the below image on your page, tag 5 friends and tag Khadijah Safari in the comments and we will send you your £20 voucher, there really is no catch!

Muay Thai MK


This is our list of courses and events through March to May 2015. For full info and to book on, call or text 07880550011. We have included the end of Feb Course start dates for those that wish to join in.

Monday 23rd February – Ladies two week bootcamp. 6:30am 50GBP

Wednesday 25th February – Ladies Level 2 Kettlebells course 10am 35GBP

Friday 27th February – Ladies Level 1 Kettlebells course 10am 35GBP

Monday 2nd March – Ladies 12 week fitness challenge 10am 120GBP

Friday 13th March – Mens 8 week muay thai beginners course 8pm 60GBP

Monday 23rd March – Mens two week bootcamp 6:30am 50GBP

Tuesday 24th March – Ladies 8 week muay thai beginners course 8pm 60GBP

Tuesday 31st March – Ladies Dress2Impress challenge & Raffle draw. 8pm 10GBP entry

Monday 6th April – Ladies two week bootcamp 6:30am 50GBP

Saturday 4th April – Ladies muay thai seminar with the famous Iman ‘pretty killer’ Barlow 1pm 20GBP for members 25GBP for non-members.



Female only charity BOOT-CAMP!

Orphans in Need event

“Ladies, it’s time to whip into shape with OIN’s first ever ‘Boot Camp!’ Yes you’ve heard right!

Work up a sweat as you join other like-minded women in a sponsored workout of a lifetime. The Boot Camp will be led by qualified, female instructors, in a purpose-built, all female private facility.

Whether you’re a gym addict, trying to shift those last few pounds, or simply up for a rigorous challenge for a good cause, the OIN Boot Camp is for you!”

Eventbrite registration link:

All participants will be provided with an information pack outlining the clothes they ought to bring.


Strictly Ladies! 8 week beginners course in muay thai kickiboxing!

Get fighting fit real quick, Learn the basics of thai boxing, loose weight and get ultra fit!

Course one : Wednesday 30th October @ 7pm
Course two : Friday 1st november @ 7pm

£60 for the full course.

MUST BOOK! text 07880550011 to register on.

Safari Fighters Extreme – women only

SAFARI FIGHTERS EXTREME – Know your limits and then BREAK THEM!
Khadijah Safari is back teaching with this limitless session:
4 hours of non-stop adrenaline pumping, hardcore training, including:
- knock out fight techniques
- extreme conditioning
- fighter style cardio
- round after round of sparring & fights
- core strengthening
- flexibility & much more

Limited places, license holders only, late entries will be turned away as once we start there is no stopping…. Can you handle it?

Sunday 7th July 11am – 3pm @ Safari Fulham, SW6
MUST PRE-BOOK – £20 for the session. Text 07880 550011 to reserve your space.


Fulham MMA student defeats robber

LATEST NEWS: On North End Road, yesterday 15th May 2013 at 3:30pm, the owner welcomed into his jewellery and gold traders shop in The Shopping Palace, 347 North End Road a male customer interested to buy jewellery. An islamically dressed lady wearing a Niqab (the Islamic face veil) entered shortly after, also keen to look at his range of jewellery. Out of respect the shop owner served the lady first. But these weren’t your ordinary customers, as whilst dealing with the lady the previous customer let in a 3rd male client, when everything then changed. the niqab wearing lady suddenly started trying to attack the shop owner whilst the other men stole any cash they could find, but little did they know that the slim shop owner trains with former European Champion Abdul Karim Safari in MMA and Muay Thai in the basement of this same premises, Safari MMA Centre! As soon as he realised that it was actually a man posing as Muslim women who was trying to attack him, he fought back with his Muay Thai and MMA skills, this was enough for the other 2 men to ditch their accomplice and run as fast as they could! . The veil had now come off and this last robber tried to escape, but not lightly, the shop owner followed him straight out of the shop, as the robber tried to punch him one last time, the shop owner blocked the attack using his skills, sweeped his legs and locked him in a lock known as ‘the choke’. Someone had alerted the police who were now on their way, the robber was going nowhere as the choke is one of many effective locks used in MMA (mixed martial arts) and was easily then handed straight over to the police. The outcome of this robbery could have turned out much worse had the shop owner not been able to defend himself.

As a good will gesture to encourage all shop owners and members of the public to learn self defence, Safari MMA is offering a free 2 hour seminar on self defence and weapon disarming, with separate classes for men and women.

Get in touch
07880 550011 to book your place




Congratulations to all fighters who competed at the Fight For Freedom event this Saturday. With ladies fighting in different styles, light Continuous kickboxing, kickboxing low kicks, K1 and Muay Thai we had some great wins. All of our advanced ladies won their fights and even more respect goes to those who took to the ring for the first time, may there be many more fights ahead! You did Safari proud.



Ladies Fight Night – Saturday 27th April 2013


Location: legion fitness centre
Legion Fitness Education Centre
Unit 5 Transform House
16 Wellington Road
E10 7QF
Please check journey time, it is NOT near the station so ensure you leave ample time for travelling

Registration & Weigh in: 10:30am (do not be late, arrive early if you can)

Part of the rules for competing at fight night is that you must have the appropriate safety equipment as well as it being essential that you have your license with you.
You must have shin guards, mouth guard, head guard and chest protection, if you don’t already have shin guards or a head guard then we will lend them to you on the day, however you must have your own mouth guard & chest guard. For fighters competitions Safari is offering a half price discount on chest guard so it will be £10. PLEASE make sure that you collect this Thursday, or you inform us on the gym number which size your like, small, medium or large if you’d like us to bring it Saturday. You must be in uniform & your hair tied back firmly. No jewellery can be worn.
Fighters please ensure that you have your £5 registration fee with you in cash.

Any questions feel free to contact us at any time. And let’s have some fun and Fight For Freedom to help those in Syria, remember the cause and make dua that the event is a success.

Khadijah Safari
07880 550011