We are looking for 14 Children and Youth in the Milton Keynes area to take part in a FREE 14 week Ninja Course, where they’ll even get to enter in for their first White Belt achievement in Muay Thai Kickboxing.

We are working to try and help both families and children to stay active and feel part of a group during these challenging times, and have teamed up with Leap to offer these sessions for free.

The sessions are a great way to keep children focused, to work on self-discipline, and keep both mentally and physically healthy whilst learning an exciting new sport.

These places will go fast, and we cannot hold spaces.
We also have 2 other groups available for boy’s youth and adolescent men, training in Muay Thai, which will also be free if you know anyone interested.  All details are below, with links to book.

Please book the place in your child’s name with their details, but be sure to include your details for the emergency contact.  (We are constantly opening new places up and just filled a girls youth group in case you’re wondering why this one is for boys only, the children’s group is for both girls and boys!)

This sessions takes place once a week.

Children aged 4-8
Mondays 1st March 5pm
To book click this link
VT Children Muay Thai Program 2


Boys Youth aged 9-14
Mondays from 1st March 6pm
To book click this link
VT Youth Muay Thai Program 2


Adolescent Men 15-19
Tuesday from 2nd March 6pm
To book click this link

VT Youth/Men Muay Thai Program 2

As we are in throws of another 4 weeks of a National lockdown, it’s seems ever more appropriate to write a Safari MMA blogpost!

If we learnt anything from the UK’s first lockdown, it is that we have all had to learn a new way of life, nothing was as we knew it. At first this was incredibly hard for so many of us, as we were trying to juggle so much change with regards to work, home-schooling, leisure activities and seeing family and friends.  We made it our mission at Safari MMA to create a new way to provide our classes and we spent many late nights making it possible! We enjoyed every small victory win of making this happen, however it wasn’t without its testing times, these were invaluable to us as instructors, staff and a business as a whole as we grew stronger as a team.

We stand by our ethos to unite people from around the world through Martial Arts, regardless of background and culture. We know how important exercise is when it comes to physical and mental health, now living in uncertainty this can have an unwanted affect on all of us in one way or another. This is why we have worked so hard to make sure we can still give you access to all of our Safari MMA classes from your very own home gym via zoom! The UK’S lockdown gave us the opportunity to grow our timetable of classes to! Our weekly schedule now includes Fitnastics, Yoga, Pilates and Kickboxing on top of our Muay Thai classes. I have also used this lockdown to concentrate on my newly launched YouTube channel Khadijah Safari with plenty of Self defence and everyday life tutorials so make sure you check it out, You never know you might learn something new!

One thing we know is that we are all in this together and although there is currently no clear end in sight of these unprecedented and difficult times, we can remain positive that we are all stronger, more aware and resilient than ever before. Lets set ourselves some goals over the next few weeks and come out of this second lockdown with a sense of achievement! What’s you goal going to be?

We’ve got you! Lets do this! 👊

Khadijah Safari

Looking for 10 men in Milton Keynes who want to relieve stress whilst getting super fit, super fast!
Learn how to combine speed, power, endurance and skill through the explosive art of Muay Thai Kickboxing. 
8 week beginners course.   
When: Tuesday 15th September   

Time: 8pm

Duration: 8 weeks

Where: Broughton Sports Pavilion, Milton Keynes

Price: Buy 1 get 1 half price (for full 8 weeks)

So £60 for 1 person, or £90 for 2.
Text to book your place 07412 993535

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